Jeep of Darkness

by Strip Malls

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released October 4, 2014

Made in Michigan and Chicago by Strip Malls.
Written by JKP.
Cover from a photograph taken at Shedd Aquarium with Etienne, 2014




Strip Malls Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Jeep of Darkness
Jeep of Darkness

Over the hill come the jeep of darkness
low on the plain, turbines aflame
Here comes the jeep of darkness

Circling the statuary
boxcars growl
Headlights like eyebrows
Send them over to me
I’m iron man hear me growl

Ah’m the swooning starlet
in the natty fedora
in the jeep of darkness
Steal the thunder
with black-eyed lightening
When the sun’s weak
and God is willing

A little nocturne
in a slip of a thing
no wonder you get burned as you
fly high in a paper plane
feel no shame
behind the wheel of
a jeep of darkness

JKP/Text © All rights reserved
Track Name: Imogen, So Slightly
Imogen, So Slightly

The white lipstick on the beach
Won't forget the tide or
What you did to me
So you have an angry lover
in New Cross
I don't believe you
I think he's your husband

Imogen, so slightly
you fell to the kitchen floor
Nothing I can do for you anymore
Cold as the tide

Life is better with me
Birds sing in February
Don't they, baby?
I'll drain you and organize
the next week

Imogen, so slightly

Text © All Rights Reserved